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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Homemade Recipe, the Sauerkraut Wickerl

Once a year during Winter time, this is the time that Attila's Mama likes to prepare Sauerkraut Wickerl for the family. Following the tradition, this heavy food with its carbohydrate and protein contents is good to warm up the body at the cold windy time. Both of us love the dish so much and it's grateful that Mama has specially made a pot for us during our visit at the end of Germany's Winter.

Sauerkraut Wickerl is a Bavarian dish whereby the meat roll is cooked with the cabbage that is fermented with white wine or Weinkraut. Weinkraut is also being known as Sauerkraut as it tastes sour. What is Mama's homemade recipe? Firstly, the raw ingredients are to be prepared such as mixture of brown rice and minced pork that is seasoned with curry powder, garlic powder and salt, cabbage that is boiled to make it soft and of course the Weinkraut. The cabbage is being used to wrap the minced pork and these meat rolls are then being boiled together with the Sauerkraut or Weinkraut for about 4hours inside the pressure cooker. An important note, the Bohnen-kraut and Dill-spitzen are being used to enhance the aroma of this dish. I've totally no idea about these herbs but they're apparently to be known as bean herbs and pickle sunflower seeds?!!
(Source from Wikipedia: Bohnen-kraut; Dill-spitzen)

The Sauerkraut Wickerl is so flavourful that the soft cabbage has absorbed the taste of the Weinkraut completely while the meat and rice inside are still tender and juicy. Additionally, do add the sour cream to enhance the deliciousness of this dish. I'm really glad to have chance to try and to learn this special recipe.

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