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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Vinetta, Homemade Recipe of Romania & Hungary

Have you ever thought to make eggplant into sauce? Attila's Papa and Mama have gladly prepared a special dish for us and it's of course a must for me to learn this traditional recipe.
By using mashed eggplant, a special sauce of Romanian and Hungarian that is called Vinetta is made. The eggplant is first being grilled on the fire till the outer skin turns into black crusty cover. Then, the dirty blackish skin is removed and the cooked eggplant is mashed with a wooden spoon slowly. It's not allowed to use metal as it's a belief that the metal will turn the eggplant flesh into black. The mixture of mayonnaise, sunflower oil and yellow mustard is stirred continuously in a separate bowl till it becomes a thick paste. The mashed eggplant is then poured into the mixture and being added with some crushed onion to add a little sweetness to the sauce.

Vinetta is commonly being eaten as spread on the dark rye bread. I like the little spiciness of the yellow mustard in the sauce and I'm really surprised by the deliciousness of Vinetta. I should really try to make it for my family and friends ;)

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