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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Japin Ramen; 絕品 or the Best?!!

Japin絕品 is another Japanese restaurant that is putting ramen as its selling point. It's located at level 2 of Queensbay Mall. Passing by the shop for many times, Attila and I have decided to give it a try. We've headache to flip through their wide range of Ramen and we've indeed decided to go for the dishes that are marked with *Thumb Up*.

Our main course is the Kakuni Japin Ramen滷肉絕品拉面 or the soupy ramen that comes with the stew pork, black fungus and boiled egg. We like stew pork for its softness and juiciness whereby the meat has absorbed the tastiness of the soy sauce. However, the meat here is too fat and oily. I can't accept as well the boiled egg or so-called the 'exploding egg' with the un-cooked and watery egg white inside the hard outer shell. The soup is very flavourful that it's the reason for our thirstiness afterwards.

For sharing, Attila and I have ordered the Gyoza日式餃子 and Buta Katsu香炸豬扒. Both of us have rejected the fried dumpling as the skin is too crispy while the inner ingredient is too hard and dry. The crispy fried pork chop is quite ordinary, but I don't really like the sweet sauce.

We've never visited the restaurant again, after our first try as we can't find out any specialty about Japin Ramen. The food doesn't suit to the taste and deliciousness that we're looking for.

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