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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Since 1911, Schmidl Wurstbraterei

Brate means fry, thus Wurstbraterei should mean frying the sausage.
Early in the morning before visiting the Doctor, Attila has decided to bring me to his second favourite sausage stall that is located at Alter Kornmarkt. This small stall is called Schmidl Wurstbraterei. This is the place that Attila will hangout for breakfast after his night shift, in the old days.

The common all-time favourite is the wurstsemmel or the round bun that is layered with sausage, pickled cucumber and senf or the yellow mustard. We've ordered the Knackwurstsemmel and Bratwurstsemmel whereby one is with the big brown sausage while Bratwurst is the smaller white sausage. Both of us prefer Bratwurst for its slight crispiness and saltiness that makes it tastes more delicious. The Knackwurst tastes nice as well but I'll like to have it without bun.

This is not the best sausage stall that I've tasted but it's a good place for a warm snack in the early coldness of Germany. The most interesting is the friendliness of the lady shop owner that has warmed our morning day.

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