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Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Thai at Cambia Thai in Regensburg

Looking for Oriental cuisine in Regensburg, Attila has brought me to Cambia Thai Restaurant金宝楼 that is located at Neutraubling. It has been my habit that I've always wanted to try the roasted duck whenever I visit Europe. It's because the duck here is with crispy skin and without the bad 'ducky' smell that I hate.

After the food is ordered, the customers will be served with the plates that are heated on the candle light. I do quite enjoy this culture to ensure that the plates are still warm while waiting for my food.

Attila and I have decided to share Knusprige Ente mit frischem Gemüse, Erdnuss und Sojasoße and Knusprige Ente mit Gemüse und rotem Curry (scharf). These are the crispy duck with fresh vegetable, peanut and soy sauce while another is with vegetable and spicy red curry. I like the nice aroma of the peanut and mixing of the peanut and soy sauces taste a little sweet and also a little salty. It does go well with the duck meat. Spicy in German's term is somehow too easy for an Asian. The red curry tastes quite sweet in its milky red. This is not the most delicious duck meat that I've tasted in Germany whereby the meat is kind of chewy and I'm indeed expecting that the skin to be crispier.

At the end of the meal, it's common that you're served with the warm plum wine. This is the best moment that I've always enjoyed, especially during the cold Winter time. The digestive wine is very helpful to breakdown the heavy meal that I've had.

I'll never stop myself from tasting duck meat in Germany. I do think that I'll most probably get a better duck dish than in M'sia. It's weird for an Asian to eager for Oriental food during a short trip to Germany yet I'm really saying 'Thank You' to Attila for willingly to accompany me.

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