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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Smokey Joe's, the Pilot or the Currywurst

Passing through the open area between Terminal 1 and 2 of Munich Airport, you'll notice a plane with a lot of tables and chairs outside. The aeroplane turbine, the gas station... The 'pilot' is selling Currywurst or curry sausage in his small plane-shaped store.

The specialty is the Smokey Joe's Currywurst rot or red sausage that is served with their No. 1 sauce. The sauces are categorized into Classic, Medium and Hot. Do take the Classic if you're a Glider Pilot, go for the Medium if you're a Chief Pilot while Hot is for the Fighter Pilot. I've decided to try out the Currywurst rot in Hot sauce and additionally being served with a bread roll. Alternatively, you can ask for the airport fries. I'm totally amazed by this tasty sauce. The sourness of the tomato and the spiciness of the chili compliment each other, making the sauce goes well with the tender sausage. It's even great that the dish is warming up my body during the cold evening.

Smokey Joe's, this is the place that I've tasted a real 'spiciness' in Germany. Concerning on customers' requests, chili flakes and grounded chili are as well available for 'Chief Fighter Pilot'. It'll be a good idea to have such delicious sausage in Penang, wondering...


  1. Dear YuJing,
    I feel homesick when I see your nice pics from the Currywurst.When Falk and me go back to Germany in June we will bring some sausages and we can have a nice german party in Penang afterwards.