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Sunday, 29 April 2012

金 or Kin, Japanese Ramen in Thai

On the way back from Germany and again transit at Bangkok, Attila and I have narrowed down to a common baseline of Asian food as our dinner. He wants Japanese but I want Thai, thus we've decided to go to 金Kin Ramen Restaurant as they do serve Japanese Ramen in spicy Tomyum soup.

Attila has ordered the Buta Katsu Tonkotsu Ramen set that is served with a small plate of Kimchi and Gyoza. The pork broth is sweet yet it does go well with the tasteless egg noodle. For me, I'll prefer if the soup is thicker. Attila finds the soft Buta Katsu or pork fillet to be still acceptable but I'm indeed hate the strong 'porky' smell and I'll like to have it to be crispy. Talking about the Gyoza, I'll never order these pork dumplings in Ala Carte style as I don't like the soft and tasteless meat ingredient. I've chosen to take the Tomyum Special Seafood Ramen that is cooked together with river prawns, scallops, mussels, octopus and mushroom. It's kind of a waste to kill the freshness of the seafood with the spicy soup. Anyway, I do really love the juiciness of the prawns and scallops. As a lesson learnt, I'll not order Japanese Ramen in Thai restaurant anymore because the 'fluffy' noodle is not suitable for spicy Tomyum soup.

I feel a little happy as I've managed to taste a fresh seafood meal yet it's kind of disappointed towards myself for expecting a tasty Japanese Ramen with Thai Tomyum.

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