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Sunday, 19 June 2011

42th Birthday Celebration, a Year Older!

A year older and Franky has decided to celebrate his birthday at That Little Wine Bar. An old man's sayings that 'this maybe his last birthday' and thus we've decided as a must to attend this 42th grand celebration. This is a European dining session and Chef Tommes has guaranteed that we'll have the most delicious dishes ever after.

The main character are the sparkling golden brown Suckling Pigs. Outside is the thin and crispy skin and inside is the soft and tender meat, it's a sin to my diet but... Who cares! The skin is a little bit salty for me but I just can't stop myself to taste the crispiness in my mouth. Followed by is the Schweinerollbraten that means meat roll. I'm unsure the exact ingredients that Chef Tommes has stuffed inside the pork but it's normally some chopped onions, nuts or sausages with some herbs as seasoning. The roasted pork meat is juicy while together with the inner ingredients to enhance the taste.

Additionally, my favourite is the Blaukraut or Rotkraut. The cabbage is fermented in the red wine that gives it a nice aroma. A traditional or typical German side dish is the Kartoffelknödel or it's easier to be known as potato dumplings. The breadcrumbs are stuffed inside the mashed potatoes and steamed to cook. Not my dish because it's making me feeling so full.
A lot of meat and all is pork... I'm totally satisfied and felt so full with the dishes. Hoping that the birthday boy has enjoyed as much as we do.

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