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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Have you ever been to Taiwan? If yes, what is your most unforgettable snacks?

Shihlin士林 is a place in Taiwan that I guess most tourists will not forget about their wide selection of street snacks. One of my favourite is the skinless and fat free fried chicken fillet. Here I get this XXL Crispy Chicken超大鸡排 at Shihlin Snacks士林台湾小吃. They're the franchise with small store concept that can be located inside Queensbay and AEON Seberang Jaya. The XXL Crispy Chicken is garnished with chili powder before serving. I do enjoy the saltiness, spiciness and crunchiness except that the meat is slightly thicker comparing to what I've in Taiwan.
Wandering around and window shopping, the XXL Crispy Chicken is indeed a nice snack that I can tag along and to fill my stomach.

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