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Sunday, 19 June 2011

王昭君... I'm Here Finally!

Wang Chau Jun王昭君酸辣鱼头米粉 is famous to serve their Sour and Spicy Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup; located at Rangoon Road Penang. I want to go, I have to go... Repeated nags since months ago and here I've finally made it, to try and to spell out the taste with my own taste bud.

First order is the Wong Chau Jun Special王昭君酸辣鱼头米粉 that we've asked for fish meat instead of fish head. The sourness and spiciness of the soup, each spoon is very refreshing and it's really stimulating my appetite to ask for more. Moreover, the fish meat is very fresh and has been sliced thinly that it can just melt in my mouth. Looking innocent with the white milky soup, but the taste... Bravo, I like it! Another not to be missed is the Steamed Fish Slice Hor Fun鱼片蒸河粉; the slices of fish meat are steamed together with the Hor Fun in the soy sauce. The salty sauce and the tasteless Hor Fun have somehow matched up perfectly in taste. Additionally, we've tried the Fried Fish Meat Bee Hoon炒炸鱼肉米粉. Fried fish meat to go with the Bee Hoon in soy sauce, taste not bad but not my favourite after all.

Talking about side dishes, we've selected 'Wu Xi' Spare Ribs无锡排骨, Honey Drumstick蜜汁鸡腿 and Wong Chau Jun Special Toufu招牌豆腐. 'Wu Xi' Spare Ribs is a famous dish from 'Wu Xi' in China that the stressed points are to ensure that the meat is tender, the bones are crunchy and the tastes should be the mixture of sweetness and saltiness; an appetizing dish. This is my first try but I do find the taste is interesting. I do really like the soft and tender spare ribs. Honey to create the sweetness and stickiness outside the fried chicken drumstick, this dish turns out to be quite ordinary for me. Another dish into our stomach is the Toufu. I like the idea whereby the chef has put in some chopped dried shrimp and cuttle fish, to create the saltiness in the sauce.

With complete satisfaction, I'm happy that I've finally made it to report about the delicious dishes here.


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