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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Time to Write About Pancakes... PHOP

PHOP or is known as Paddington House of Pancake, located at Level 1 Queensbay Mall. It has been operating for quite some years yet unable to be well-known to attract more customers. Why? I guess it's partly due to the design and decorations of the restaurant. Imagine, who'll want to have pancakes in a fine dining alike restaurant?

Turning into the menu of PHOP, I'm amazed that what can a pancake do. It's no longer once upon the time... Pancake can be as main course or dessert, salty or sweet, with meat or sugar; you can eat pancake in any ways that you can spell it. Like it says '100 delicious pancakes, 1 tough decision', I've indeed drown in the various selections of pancake. Anyway, I've decided to go for the Crepes with Seafood Marinara. Crepes is belonged to the thinnest category in the family of pancake. An interesting presentation of pancake, the seafood cooked with the tomato-based sauce is wrapped inside the crepes. The chef has put in too much cheese; the taste is too cheesy that my squid and prawn are swimming inside the sauce. I like the freshness of the seafood and the sourness of the tomatoes that go well together, but not to have my crepes drowns in the sauce.

PHOP is an interesting place that it recommends the amazing ways that I can have my pancake. Yet, is it ideal to create such 'elegant' ambient for pancakes? It's up to you to decide.

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