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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Tradition... Kacang Tumbuk

The Kacang Tumbuk or it's also called Peanut Barley Candy in English, is a traditional dessert that I've grown up with. I guess every kids in the 80's are so familiar with this peanut candy and I'm at least the one that have enjoyed chewing it.

William's favourite is the 亚和传统手工薄饼皮及贡糖 that is located at the Chowrasta Road. What I've heard is, people are queueing to buy the peanut barley candy that is crushed and being wrapped inside the poh piah skin. Thanks to Clony that I've manged to try out the Peanut Barley Candy and the Peanut Candy Biscuit by this Uncle Lim. The Peanut Barley Candy贡糖 is not sticky and it's very fluffy that the sugar just melts together with the smooth powdery peanut in the mouth. I like the Peanut Candy Biscuit花生角 the most as the peanuts have been fried to a nice colour and aroma before being coated with the sugar It's crunchy yet it's not too sweet.

If you're fancy over this traditional handmade candy, wake up in the morning and look for the stall at the Chowrasta Road.

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