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Sunday, 15 February 2015

You're My Valentine... You & I, at TLWB

Attila has insisted that we should go on a dating night together on the Valentine's Day. It's not an easy task in deciding the location and moreover, the must to make a reservation in order to prevent the disappointment on the actual day. We've finally decided to visit That Little Wine Bar, TLWB that has been one of our regular restaurant.

"Happy Valentine's Day to my Valentine, Attila"

The Valentine's Day Set Menu costs RM 198 per pax, excluding government tax and service charge. Sitting down on our table, we're firstly served with the Kir Royale or the cocktail that is made of champagne and blackcurrant liquer. It's an easy drink and I've enjoyed the mixture as the blackcurrant liquer has added a little sweetness to the sourness of the champagne.

Our starter is the Foie Gras Brulée. It's a very special dish whereby the Foie Gras Terrine or the goose liver pate is topped with the dried fruits and being surrounded by the champagne gelée. Chef Tommes has used a special cooking method to remove the excess fat from the goose liver. The purpose is to create a compact and smooth Foie Gras that is completely differing from the traditional liver pate that is soft and very oily. I hate Foie Gras but... this dish is so awesome! The dried fruits has added a refreshing taste to the Foie Gras that is on the hand, covering up the smell of the liver pate that I dislike of. The champagne gelée is another surprise to the tastebud as it's creating a tiny explosion or bubbling on the tongue. It's delicious, it's marvelous!

After being amazed by the Foie Gras Brulée, we're then served with the Warm Tiger Shrimps that are served on a bed of salad and being garnished with the champagne vinegar emulsion. What I like the most? The chopped shallot that is mixed with special sauce and herbs that has matched the succulent prawn and the freshness of the vegetable completely. The best option for me will be a big plate of prawns with the special sauce yet without any green.

Choosing between the main courses of the Steamed John Dory or the Smoked Japanese Duck Breast, we've both decided for the latter dish. The slices of the duck meat are served on top of the mash potatoes and being garnished with the pineapple, tomato and bean sprout. I personally think that the texture of the meat is very smooth that it tastes a little alike meat loaf. I like particularly the bean sprout that has added refreshing taste to this meat dish. The whole platter has the elements of sweetness and sourness that I'm thinking indeed if it's maybe tastier with a little more saltiness? Having the chance to peep at the kitchen after the dinner, we've regretted for not ordering the John Dory Fish earlier... it looks delicious!

Ending with the dessert that consists of a threesome of sweet things. The plate comes with the Raspberry Cake, the Banana Sorbet and the Cookies. My favourite is the warm cookies that are served freshly from the oven while Attila likes the Banana Sorbet for its icy feeling. I like the beautiful heart on the cake while for the taste, I'll opt for more raspberry jam indeed.

A delicious dinner with a good service from the staff, we've enjoyed the Valentine's Dinner to the maximum satisfaction. It's very pity that a lot of customers have turned down their reservations at the very last minute and without any early information at all.

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