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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Discovering... the French Cuisine at the Croisette Villa

Entering the Infinity Condominium that is located at the Tanjung Bungah, this small restaurant is definitely not really known by many people not even the Penangites. The Croisette Villa is renting out the rooms as vacation house and its specialty is the concept of solid colours for each room independently. Thanks to Su for the information and recommendation to the French Restaurant that is located at the ground floor of this small bungalow house, the Croisette Cafe. According to a newspaper cut on the wall, the restaurant is ran by a famous French Chef that has retired yet aimed to introduce the innovative French Cuisine to his customers.

Picking the starter from the menu of the day, we've taken the Mussels baked like Escargots. The mussels are topped with the butter and garlic and being served with a bed of rock salt on a hot white plate freshly from the oven. The mussel is "coated" with a nice aroma of the butter and a refreshing taste of the garlic yet the best is the saltiness of the rock salt that has completed the wholeness of the mussel.

Ignoring the advice by the lady boss and we've crazily ordered 3 stews that are Coq au Riesling, Beef Bourguignon and Pork Civet in Merlot. The earliest is the chicken that is cooked in white wine while the beef and the pork meat are both slowly cooked in a sauce that is red wine-based. The various meat are very soft except the beef that is slightly more succulent due to the tendon. The texture of the meat is just the perfect example of a stew. Su and my favourite is the white and creamy chicken stew. It's hard to be explained whereby there has been a refreshing taste in the white wine sauce that has indeed enhanced its deliciousness. We both have almost swallowed the whole pot of the sauce. I don't really like the smell of the beef stew as it's somehow too strong. Oh ya, the side dishes... the Ratatouille Nicoise is matched with the chicken, the noodle is served with the pork while the Mushrooms Mixed Grilled is meant for the beef. The Ratatouille is so marvellous, I love it so much! The noodle is slightly too hard while the mushrooms can't go wrong with the sauteed garlic. To our surprise that the side dishes are charged separately except the plain noodle.

We've also taken the Duck Confit with Potato Sarladaise. It's actually a duck drumstick that is cooked to a tenderness that the meat is falling off with only a soft touch and then being served together with the sliced potatoes that are sauteed in duck fat with garlic. The duck meat is quite delicious despite it's a little too salty for me. I prefer if the duck is grilled further that the skin is crispier while the meat is drier that it doesn't have the slight duck's smell.

Ending with the desserts, the Chocolate Orange Parfait and the Trio Chocolate Mousse. The dark chocolate that contains orange bits and being topped with the slices of dried orange, we've indulged into the thickness and smoothness of the chocolate completely. The history has never changed whereby the sourness of the orange has always matched the bitterness of the dark chocolate perfectly. We're just wondering... what is the light brownish liquid on the plate? It tastes alike medicine. The forgotten chocolate mousse is finally served, it's delicious!

The whole meal is indeed quite delicious! Some dishes are of course not to my favour in taste yet I think that the place is still worthwhile to be explored further. It's a new experience anyway...

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