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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Back to the 1960s

The business doesn't run well at this particular shop that it has changed to a few different names before and it's now an Oriental restaurant that is called 1960s. The decorations and the songs that are played in this restaurant tend to bring back the nostalgic old years.

Beginning with a starter of Curry Capitam Chicken with Fried Man Tao. The curry sauce has a nice aroma of the Kaffir Leaf while its thickness fits the Oriental Bread Dumpling or Man Tao completely. The curry is indeed quite sweet based and it's not too spicy that it can be accepted easily by various customers.

We've tried out the Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon奶油培根意粉 and the Chicken Egg.Salted Egg.Century Egg Congee三黄粥. The presentation doesn't look alike the typical Italian Spaghetti Carbonara that we've known of, it's more wet and this is the first time that I've seen the broccoli in the pork bacon pasta. Anyway, the creamy sauce is quite delicious and the crispiness of the sauteed bacon has indeed added taste to this white sauce. I do enjoy my bowl of congee that is filled with various eggs except the crispy bacon. I personally think that the oily bacon has overridden the taste of the plain congee.

The food at the 1960s is indeed quite delicious. Yet, the restaurant is not overwhelmed with customers and I'm wondering why? Maybe, the lighting is just too bright? Or, the menu is just too simple?

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