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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The German at Lecker Ecke

Lecker Ecke is one of the very least German Restaurant that is available in Penang. It's located at the Burmah Road and I think it has been established since early of 2014. I've always talked to Attila about this restaurant yet we've not visited this place, partly due to the limited parking space in front of the shop itself. It's Chinese New Year and we've decided to give it a try, before the crowd is back to this Island.

Lecke Ecke means "Delicious Corner". It's just alike a small restaurant that is available at the outskirt or small village in Europe. The ambient is so calm and cosy that you can dine in peacefully with a bunch of friends here. Anyway, it has not been a lucky day for me that the coffee is not available during CNY due to the supplier is still on leave. Frankly, it's my breakfast time and I've been so disappointed about the fact.

Attila has ordered the Scrambled Egg with Bacon, Toast and Butter while I've taken the Kohlrouladen or the cabbage that is rolled with minced pork and being topped with tomato and rosemary sauce. Egg should be a simple dish that can't go wrong and the Chef has made it correctly for Attila, only with salt and pepper. The toast is definitely not my preference that I'll indeed look for a German Bread in such restaurant. On the other hand, the cabbage roll doesn't look tempting by swimming in the red sauce. I like the nice aroma of the rosemary in the tomato-based sauce and the tenderness of the minced pork, but the combinations just don't taste as stunning as I wish to have. Anyway, I like the lightly sauteed pasta that it's delicious even on its own. The side salad also tastes good with the honey mustard dressing.

There has been plenty of German dishes in the menu and I'm looking forward to try them again someday. And I'll hope for a coffee this time.

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