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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Coffee that is made by Smith

Deciding to try out a new restaurant on the appointment day with my brother, we've checked out the Coffee Smith that is located at the Karpal Singh Drive. A newly opened cafe yet it has already another shop at the Summerton that is nearby the Queensbay area.

My attention firstly goes to the menu that is using the concept of the daily newspaper whereby the food and beverage are sectioned into the zones of hot spot, special news or private kitchen's cuisine respectively. We've decided to try out the Focus Black Coffee專注黑咖啡 and the Wooden Stick Latte木棍拿鐡. I like the coffee as it tastes quite strong despite the aroma of the coffee is not really so appealing. The latte is smooth in texture whereby it's very milky with a very mild bitterness of the coffee, the correct taste that it should be! Wondering if the name is only a display as I don't find any stick in the coffee... Hahaha!
We've ordered the Italian Spices Fried Chicken & French Fries義式香料炸物拼盤(炸雞&薯條) and the Cuttlefish Risotto with Grilled Cuttlefish炭烤墨魚佐墨魚炖饭. The chicken is not only juicy and tender but also very tasty from the special spices that are garnished at the outer of the meat. Furthermore, the dipping sauce that is alike the mixture of tartar sauce with honey and mustard tastes just perfect! I've finished up the sauce with a spoon indeed. The squid is presented as a beautiful decoration that looks alike the blossom flower. But, it's very chewy whereby I prefer if the squid is grilled slightly further and burnt that the skin is crunchy while the meat is slightly drier yet still succulent. It's a surprise for me that the squid ink risotto contains chopped long beans, it's really weird yet I do quite like the slight crunchiness. A delicious squid that is topped with lemon juice, the risotto is somehow a little damaged by the strong aroma and taste of the rosemary herb.

Ending the dinner with a Chocolate Lava Cake熔岩巧克力蛋糕, we've fallen in love with the thick molten chocolate that is flowing out from the cake. I'm indulged into the chocolaty experience completely. We've no clue about the brownish cream that is put as the base of the cake but it tastes weird and it's bitter, maybe it's brandy liquor?!! I'll re-order this cake again, but this time it's definitely to be served without any cream.

Not only the good coffee and the delicious food, we've also enjoyed the ambient at the Coffee Smith. No wonder that the restaurant is full of customers.


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