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Monday, 23 February 2015

Lou Sang or "The Third"?

It's not easy to spot a Chinese restaurant that is still running the business as usual during the Chinese New Year and it's not filled with the crowds. Being recommended by William, we've decided to have our dinner at the Lou Sang Seafood Restaurant老仨海鮮飯店 that is located at the Jalan Bayu Mutiara 1. To ensure that the business can run smoothly during the busy days, the owner has prepared a simpler and shorter menu that contains only the dishes that can represent the CNY.

I can't recall the beautiful names for all the dishes correctly. We've anyhow ordered the Pork Knuckle, the Fried Dragon Fruit with Scallop, the Claypot Seafood Treasure and the Prawns with Glass Noodle. The Thai-style fried pork knuckle is very crispy while the meat is still juicy. It's slightly disappointed that the whole pork leg has not been marinated with sufficient time that the meat is not salty enough. I'm amazed by the plate of dragon fruit that is fried with the scallop, celery and French beans. The juiciness of the dragon fruit is still maintained despite after frying. I've indeed enjoyed the various combinations in this dish especially the freshness of the green vegetable that goes well with the sweetness of the dragon fruit. The Claypot Seafood Treasure tastes good yet it's quite ordinary. I normally fancy over this pot because I'll be able to try various seafood that includes prawn, sea cucumber, fish maw, cuttle fish and sea asparagus. One spicy dish to stimulate the appetizer, the Prawns with Glass Noodle that is cooked in the curry sauce. The curry has a nice aroma from the Bungan Kantan and the leaves of the Kaffir Lime. It's thick, strong and it tastes delicious! I've enjoyed the glass noodle that has absorbed the curry sauce completely, yummy...!!!

I'm happy with the recommendation by William as the Lau Sang Seafood Restaurant has indeed served some tasty dishes. My parents have enjoyed it as I do, I think we love the time being together as a family.

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