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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Pork Pork Party

Continuing from the success of the "Pork Pork" party that has been carried out, we've decided to organize the function again. Is it the enthusiasm? Is it the experience? Kong has designed the "signboard" for our function. It's the word "Pork" in combinations of Chinese and German, 豬 and Schwein. The location is fixed at Gertak Sanggul, just by the beach during the romantic sunset hour.

For this round, CK has decided to order the roasted pig from PFS, Phang Foong Sin 鴻盛燒豬王 that is located at Batu Maung. Look at the big pig, does it trigger your eagerness to start? Who's the Master of Butchery? This is definitely not for CK, the position is still strongly hold by Hong Pin. The skin is very skin while the meat is very tender and we've definitely indulged into the saltiness that has enhanced the deliciousness of the pork.

Besides, Uncle Oh has got a Chef to prepare the Fried Rice Vermicelli and Curry Chicken. Yummy, the thick curry sauce is matching the rice vermicelli perfectly! Both of the dishes are so tasty that they've not only filled our hunger, but also completing our taste buds.

Not to forget the side order for the night, the beers! Everyone has enjoyed the eating and drinking. For me, it's more alike a "social linkage program" that we've fun with the colleagues.

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