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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Luxurious Vietnamese at 138

Our 1st meal in Ho Chi Minh, May Fong has suggested that we should check out the luxurious Vietnamese restaurant that we can relax in a leisurely pace and especially to cure my tiredness after the flight transition. QuáĂn Ngon 138 is famous among the tourists and locals due to its unique village market style whereby the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine is presented at various stalls that are setup independently in the restaurant.

For starters, May Fong and I have decided to try both the fried and transparent spring rolls that are called Chả Giò and Gơi Cuộn respectively. The fried spring roll has an even brownish skin that is very crispy while the inner is very compact being filled with mixed ingredients that range from minced meat, yam, glass noodle to sliced carrot. The spring roll is juicy and it tastes very appetising to go with the spicy and sour dipping sauce. The transparent spring roll consists of shrimp, rice vermicelli, bean sprout and Thai Basil whereby the non-frying is a good idea to maintain the authenticity and freshness of the ingredients. It looks plain but the taste is very appealing from the nice aroma of the Thai Basil and the sweetness of the thick dipping sauce. Don't leave the transparent spring roll being aired too long as the skin tends to get chewy over time! We've fell in love with the dishes as they're really very delicious. The biggest problem of mine is, this is the best Vietnamese Spring Rolls that I've ever tasted and I can't find them yet in Malaysia.

We've then shared a plate of Cơm Chiên Ngon or the Fried Rice in Ngon Style. This is simply a rice-dish with ham and mixed vegetable. My personal opinion is that the Chef has intended to make it tasteless as it's served together with a bowl of soy sauce that has indeed added saltiness to enhance the tastiness of the fried rice.

We've enjoyed our meal in a cozy ambient that we'll definitely remember the deliciousness of the food here. I'm highly recommending this restaurant in HCM city!

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