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Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Hakka Delights at Ruyi

I miss the “Hakka Lui Cha” that I’ve tasted in Ipoh. This Hakka specialty is definitely a nutritious choice for those that concern about healthy food. A newly opened restaurant at One World, Ruyi Delights如意算盤 has finally my wish-comes-true whereby the dish is reachable easily.

No doubt that I’ve ordered the Hakka Tea Rice客家擂茶, the rice that is topped with various vegetable and roasted peanut and being served together with a bowl of greenish soup that is made of the tea leaves and herbs being grounded with roasted nuts, seeds and grains. The correct way to taste this dish is by pouring the tea into the rice mixture and letting the soup to flood over it completely. The tea is cooked to the “perfect” temperature that its nice aroma is wandering in the air. Despite the vegetable is not so “unique” for its rough cutting or chopping, I’ve indeed enjoyed the deliciousness of the “Hakka Lui Cha”. Besides, I’ve ordered the Hakka Yong Tao Fu客家釀豆腐 that consists of stuffed Tao Fu and bitter gourd with minced pork, bean curd roll and sliced lotus. These ingredients that have been fried are poured with a light soy-based sauce and being served together with the garlic chili sauce. I like especially the Tao Fu for its soft and smooth texture while the saltiness of the minced pork has been a right match to complete the tastiness.

On my next visit, I’ve tried the Hakka Abacus 客家算盤子 that can be either cooked or fried. The name is originated from the shape that is alike the Abacus that has been used for calculations in the old times. The Abacus is made of yam and this dish is indeed quite pricey for the small portion due to the expensive raw ingredient and its complicated preparation. My bowl of cooked Abacus is served with minced pork that the tasteless yam is enhanced by the thick soup. The dish is quite special but I’m not really fancy about it.

I’m happy that I’ve finally a delicious Hakka Tea Rice in Penang. This is the right place for this healthy dish.

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