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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hainan Seafood at Pang

Passing through Tanjung Bungah, the restaurant has always been overwhelmed with gorgeous cars such as Brabus or Audi. I've always wondered about what the special about Pang (Hainan) Seafood訪(海南)海鮮 is. Thanks to Su that she has purchased the Groupon voucher for 1kg Crab that costs RM 39 only, this has been a valid reason for us to visit the restaurant.

Choosing from the picture, we've decided to go for the crab with Sweet & Sour Sauce酸辣螃蟹. The crab is not so fresh that it seems to be the frozen type whereby it doesn't contain any "crabby" smell. Anyway, the sauce is quite delicious and it's good to go with the Fried Man Tou煎饅頭. On my request, we've ordered the Salt & Pepper Mantis Prawn椒鹽蝦蛄. I like the combinations of salt, pepper and chopped chili that have definitely added an appealing taste to the Fried Mantis Prawn. But, it's my mistake that the frying has killed the freshness of the meat and the flour coating will become very oily if we leave it too long in the air. This is applicable to the Fried Squid炸蘇東 as well. It's surprising us that the small plate of crispy fried squid costs RM 13.

We've also taken the Asam Prawn亞參明蝦 and the Steamed Red Snapper清蒸紅皂. The sourness of the Asam is very appetising but the prawns are not very fresh. This is definitely not the best Asam Prawn that I've ever tried before. The fish is not really very fresh whereby the meat is not so juicy or tender while the sauce is slightly too sweet for me. I prefer if the sauce for the fish is stronger with the saltiness of the light soy sauce.

Other than the seafood, we've ordered the Hainan Spring Rolls海南春卷 and a plate of Fried Brussels Sprout清炒菜膽. The spring rolls are crispy and they go well with the dipping sauce that is garnished with sliced onion and chili. Anyway, I'm not really fancy with the spring rolls as the 5 spices五香粉 is too much that the strong taste has covered the sweetness of the turnip. Luckily that the vegetable has been done correctly and I do enjoy the freshness of the Brussels Sprout.

The taste of the meal is acceptable but we girls think that the seafood here is actually quite pricey. It's not worthwhile for $$$ as we don't really get a superb and fresh seafood here.

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