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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dessert Only, at No Eyed Deer

The name is cool, isn't it? Su and Phui Yee have highly recommended the No Eyed Deer that is located at Jalan Fettes, for their desserts. They're praising about how delicious the jelly is and at the same time, arguing about how big the dessert is. Since we're around that area after dinner, thus we've decided to give it a try.

With a strong recommendation from the girls and Phui Yee has insisted to have one for herself, we've decided to order the Coffee Jelly. According to the description, this is a Japanese Jelly dessert that is served with silky fresh cream and syrup and it has been voted the Best Jelly in Malaysia by readers of 'The Star' Newspaper on 23-March-08. We're indeed amazed by the deliciousness of the Coffee Jelly; the aroma and the strong taste of the coffee together with the smoothness of the jelly that are then followed with the fresh cream and syrup, this is really a heavenly dessert that I'll also asked one for myself alone. It's not too sweet, making it a very refreshing dessert to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Besides, we've also shared a Tiramisu. It's quite disappointing as this Italian dessert is not prepared in its genuine taste. It's too sweet whereby I think that it's lacking of the aroma and the taste of the Espresso. Only one small positive comment on the "balances" between the mascarpone cream and the finger sponge, whereby I've always preferred such thicker layer of cream than the cake.

The girls are not really recommending the main courses here. Anyway, from the quality of the dessert, I'll consider to try it at least once.

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