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Sunday, 24 November 2013

"Bottoms Up" at Kampai

Tao is closed down and this location at E-Gate is replaced with Kampai乾杯, a Taiwanese fast-fry台式快炒 and seafood海鮮 restaurant. My 1st impression, the restaurant looks like the hawker stall by the roadside with the signboards of the menu that are hang on the wooden wall. I'm not motivated till Attila claims that the food is actually quite delicious here.

"Chef's Recommendation" in the menu and Attila has tried it, we've decided to take the Crispy Pork Intestine酥炸肥肠 and the Taiwanese Roast Pork烤鹹豬肉. I object the pork intestine earlier as I don't eat "pig's spare part", but surprisingly that I can accept the taste of this dish. The pork intestine is filled with spring onion and it's to be eaten together with the salt and pepper. The meaty intestine is smooth and springy while the outer skin is very crispy; the mouthful of taste includes the saltiness, spiciness and oiliness that has not been overdone. The roasted pork is served with ginger with lime and salt with pepper. I find that the pork is slightly too chewy due to the thick layer of fat but the taste is indeed quite special, from the dipping itself.

Looking to our orders, the boss has recommended the Steamed Egg with Seafood海鮮蒸蛋 and the Fried Scallop with Pineapple. My personal opinion, the dish is special as the steamed egg is hidden under the seafood soup. Anyway, the seafood is not really fresh and the dish is tasteless as the Chef seems to have forgotten the salt. The scallops are fried in the sweet-based dark soy sauce and this dish is as well sour from the pineapple.

The dishes are indeed quite ordinary here. But, they do have some good dishes for recommendations. No harm to try it out, to know if you'll like it.

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