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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Queuing at Line Clear Nasi Kandar

Boyfriend is out of Penang Island and the girls have kindly brought me to the Line Clear Nasi Kandar Restaurant that is located at Penang Road. I've passed by this area for many times but I've never noticed this restaurant. Well, I've seen only the big signboard but where is the physical shop? The restaurant is indeed located in the small street, in between of the roadside stalls and shops.

There's a wide selection of dishes that range from fish head, prawn, squid, beef, mutton to chicken. The specialty here is the jumbo sized seafood that is normally not offered in Nasi Kandar Restaurant. I think the Jumbo Fish Head is the most favourite for sharing with family. I've decided to take the Nasi Beriyani that is then topped with fried chicken, squid and long beans. Finally, the most important step is to flood the plate with various curry sauces. Just tell the boss "Banjir" and you'll get the rice in the "soup"... I'm shocked to see my jumbo squid and this plate has of courses cost me a tremendous amount, RM 17.70. Anyway, I've enjoyed the crispiness and juiciness of the fried chicken. The squid is slightly chewy but I'm in over all, quite comfortable with the taste of the Nasi Kandar here. The curry is not really too amazing but it's at least spicy.

We're just in time before the crowd. I think other than the jumbo size, I can't think of any other reason to queue here for the Nasi Kandar.

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