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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Chubi, It Sounds alike Cute in Hokkien!

Going around the Bayan Lepas area in James's new car, we've then decided to have our lunch at the Chubi Kitchen that is located at One World. Its name in Mandarin家味 and the ambient reminds me about the feeling to be at home, for a home-cooked meal.

Indeed, I'm firstly amazed by my mug of Lime and Sour Plum. The mugs are cute, aren't they?

Starting with the simplest dish of Omelette芙蓉蛋, it's an ordinary egg dish with the sliced onion. For me, it's hardly to make mistake on this dish and I like it as usual. We've then ordered the Stir Fried Kang Kung with Sambal马来风光 and the Gong Poh Mantis Prawn宫保虾姑肉. Both of the dishes are quite tasty or they're at least comparable with any that I've ever tasted before. My favourite is the fresh and young  leaves of the Kang Kung.

We've tried as well their Thai Style Pork Knuckle泰式猪手 and the Curry Stingray咖喱魔鬼鱼. The pork meat is very succulent while the skin is very crispy. I like it without the sweet and sour Thai sauce. Besides, I do enjoy the fresh Stingray fish in the "Assam-based" curry soup whereby the sourness has indeed made the dish to taste more appetising.

We've enjoyed the lunch time in a quiet surrounding, just because we're the 1st group to be here. Some of my colleagues think that the meal is quite pricey here, as we're paying less for the same dishes at other restaurants.

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