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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Oh, my Canton Duck!

I craze about duck for every of my trips to Germany. I've always supported the statement that the ducks in Germany don't contain the unease smell that I dislike and they're generally cooked as the crispy type. Anyway, it's still a "searching" activity to hunt for the most delicious or the best duck that can fit my taste bud. Furthermore, I'm a little stingy to pay € 14 for a duck dish and I can't normally finish it.

Attila has recommended to try out the fast food kiosk that is called Asia Familien Imbiss & Pizza, again in Neutraubling. This is a small shop that is providing mainly food delivery service to the neighbourhood and of course to let customers to dine-in here. I've ordered the Canton Ente mit gebratene Eierreis und Hoisin Sauce (scharf) or the Canton Duck with Fried Rice with Egg and spicy Seafood Sauce. The duck has been fried to the dark brownish colour that the meat is slightly dry. But, I'm completely amazed because the meat is not chewy and the skin is very crispy. The saltiness of the meat matches with the crunchiness of the skin; the duck is very delicious. The rice is not fried or pressed properly that there's still some big and sticky rice granules, but the fried rice does smell and taste good with the egg and the soy sauce. The Hoisin sauce is a little too liquid but it's edible as it's not too salty while the slight spiciness is really appetizing. Anyway, I do still prefer to eat the crispy duck without any dipping sauce.

I'm definitely satisfied with the duck here and I've finished the whole plate without wasting the food. We've paid € 9.90 including 1 bottle of Tsingtao Beer.

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