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Monday, 2 September 2013

Palasia the Grand Chinese Restaurant

Papa has notified Attila about the Chinese restaurant that has newly opened at Neutraubling. It's noticeable and it looks grand with the arc and the stone Kirin that are standing outside the restaurant. Anyway, I've not got a chance to take a whole picture as the smoking bin is just at the middle corner of the arc. The inner of the restaurant looks as well very elegant with various decorations or statues that are made of Jade and as well the big crystal chandelier.

To fulfil my wish, we've ordered the Knusprig gebackene Ente auf Gemüse mit Soße nach Wahl or the Crispy Duck with Vegetable and Sauce of Your Choice that ranges from Sweet-Sour, Shacha, Gong Bao to Curry. The duck meat is not so salty or flavourful that it's actually quite tasteless while the skin is not the crispy type that I've always wished for. Besides, the fried vegetable is too soft and I don't like the over-use of bamboo shoots that the whole plate of mixed vegetable tastes alike. Tasting it once and I dare not to try again the Gong Bao Sauce that is extremely too salty. Oppositely, the additional dish of Schweinefleisch mit Morcheln, Bambussprossen und Knoblauch is delicious. The Pork with Morels or Black Fungus, Bamboo Shoots and Garlic is classified as scharf or spicy but it's indeed appetizing with the slight spiciness. I find the dish to be quite salty but luckily that it's tasty to go with white rice. I like especially the pork meat that is very succulent and juicy.

Not really amazed by the food, but I'm at least satisfied with the friendly service of the waitress. Moreover, the restaurant is just alike a beautiful panorama view that can be enjoyed while having a relaxing dinner. The greatest happiness of mine is actually the warm plum wine that is served at the end of the dinner. It's very smooth and refreshing.

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