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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Pizza Restaurant... No signboard!

Thinking of Italian food for the day, Attila has decided to bring me to the restaurant that is located at Neutraubling. The small neighbourhood is equipped with a few Italian restaurants that we can choose from, any is just authentic. Going back to the old restaurant at Sudetenstrasse that he's familiar with, we're standing in front of Pizza Alex that is somehow "no name" as it doesn't have any signboard.

Attila has of course chosen the Pizza that comes with Salami, tomato and cheese. I like the saltiness of the Salami and it's tender, going well with the Pizza. But, it's disappointing that the cheese is indeed too thick that it's very filling and it tastes alike the cheap industrial cheese. I've ordered the Gnocchi Rustici that consists of Sahne or Cream, Gorgonzola, Speck or Bacon, Rucola, Parmesan and being added additionally with Champignon. The Gnocchi is the dumpling that is normally made of flour, egg and potato whereby it's sticky and tasteless but it matches completely with the thick and creamy sauce that is cooked with Gorgonzola. The strong and heavy cheese is very appealing when it's being coupled with the Gnocchi. The Rucola is really an added point to complete the whole pasta because its refreshing taste is enhancing the deliciousness of the mouthful of Gnocchi, Speck, Champignon and Gorgonzola sauce. I love it!

We've agreed that this is the best Gnocchi that we've ever tasted before. For me, I've never imagined that the strong Gorgonzola Cheese can be used as such an amazing sauce for pasta.

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