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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Surprised by... Madan's Pizza

Time in Germany is always reserved for the daughters. We've loved to fulfil their wishes to play and to have fun for the whole Summer holiday. Bringing the kids to funclub at Grünthal, this is the place that they want to show us the Trampoline, playground and as well to spend the time with us.

The funclub is linked to the Madan's Gaststätte - Restaurant whereby they're serving mainly the Pizza and Pasta here. We're surprised by the Pizza Salame that is tomato-based and being garnished simply with Salami and Cheese. It's an authentic Italian taste of thin and crusty Pizza. Being topped with a very thin layer of Cheese that is sufficient only to satisfy the taste bud, the Chef is indeed using a good quality of Cheese that seems to be Emmenthaler. The Salami is not so salty or it's not the best Salami that I've ever tasted, but the Pizza is in over all very delicious. I'm really amazed that I've tasted a tasty Pizza at a small funclub that is really outskirt of Regensburg Town.

We've enjoyed the food at the funclub Grünthal and the best is we've spent a sporting time here with the kids.

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