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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Eis Iglu... the Penguin

Attila is growing up at Neutraubling that he knows about every single restaurants and dessert houses at the neighbourhood. Keeping on commenting that it's the best Eis, I'm urged to try out the Eis Iglu that is symbolised with the cute penguin. It's Summer time and the weather is indeed very suitable for a cold ice-cream.

I've ordered the Joghurette Becher whereby the bowl is filled with strawberry sauce and ice-cream that range from Vanilla, Erdbeer or Strawberry to another unknown ice with tiny chocolate chips. These 3 scoops of ice-cream are then topped with yogurt, whipped cream and finally being decorated with the fresh strawberries and Joghurette. Joghurette is actually the chocolate stick that is filled with strawberry yogurt and it's available in any grocery markets. I'm surprised as I actually like the Vanilla for its nice aroma and taste that are both very appealing and different from the preservative that I've normally tasted. I do quite like the Strawberry as well because it tastes alike the frozen blended ice and it's not creamy.

Do try out the scoops of ice-cream on your choice, picking from the flavours that are available in the refrigerators. I've then discovered the new flavour that I prefer instead, the Nutella.

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