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Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Small Restaurant by the White Beach

Our colleague, "Xiao Di Di" has recommended the White Beach Restaurant沙灘小館 that is located at the Soon Plaza by the Burmah Road. It's a small restaurant that can cater for only 8 tables with 4 tables of 10 people and other small tables for small groups or families. Thus, it's really highly advised that to make an early reservation to avoid disappointment. Besides, the area is very inconvenient due to the limited parking space.

Starting to order, "Xiao Di Di" has decided for the Prawn Roll马蹄鲜虾枣 and the Guinness Stout Pork Ribs黑啤排骨. The Prawn Roll is very crispy in its brownish skin. I like especially the juicy prawn and the crunchy water chestnut that have both made up a perfect "biteness" in the mouth. Besides, being chopped in very tiny pieces but the nice aroma of the Chinese Celery is definitely an added mark to the Prawn Roll. The Guinness Stout sauce tastes indeed sweet and it has coated evenly onto every piece of the pork ribs that they look shiny black. I've enjoyed the outer layer of the pork rib that is slightly crispy but the meat is apparently too thick that it's tasteless.

We've ordered additionally the Sizzling Bean Curd 'w' Minced Meat铁板肉碎豆腐 and have as well taken the owner's recommendations of Stir-Fried Spinach 'w' Superior Stock上汤苋菜 and the Balinese Chicken巴厘式鸡. The ordinary bean cud dish tastes safe but there's nothing to be amazed of. I'm a little disappointed with the spinach that has been presented in a very interesting appearance with fried anchovies and century egg yet it doesn't taste delicious. The stock or the soup tastes somehow weird that it smells "fishy". Finally, the Balinese Chicken is the chili based dish that tastes slightly spicy and sour. I don't really like the chicken because it's not really delicious and I find that it tastes quite plain.

The dishes here are quite ordinary but they're all edible in my accepted level of tastiness. I'm giving a big "thumb up" to the Prawn Roll because this is the 1st and only dish that is very delicious and I've not found it anywhere else.

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