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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Satay, Without the Peanut Sauce

Teluk Kumbar Satay沙爹 can be the famous if people are talking about the "No Sauce" Satay. This small stall is located beside the Good Friends Seafood Restaurant. Their specialty is the Chicken Satay that is served without peanut sauce. It's a beautiful sunset view if you're here at about 6pm.

Here comes the Satay that is served with cucumber! Each Satay costs us RM 0.80 and it's indeed quite a big piece of meat on the stick. The meat is marinated with the turmeric powder that is then being swept with a spicy and sweet sauce that is sort of chili and lemongrass while grilling on the charcoal. I like the tenderness of the meat but it's a little annoyed for me to taste the fat skin of the chicken.

I find the Satay here to be tasty but it's very filling to finish all the Satay by myself. I think it's because of the grilling sauce that is very sweet instead of spicy. Sometimes, I do miss the original Satay that is served with peanut sauce.

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