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Sunday, 17 February 2013

i mum mum... It Sounds Like 'I Want to Eat'

'i mum mum, i mum mum...', it sounds like 'I want to eat' in Hokkien. i mum mum板面專賣店 is specialising in the Chinese style flat noodle or the 'Pan Mee' whereby its name means the noodle that is flat alike the wood. I've visited once the original shop that is located at Gat Lebuh Cecil 1 at Weld Quay and the owner has setup a branch nearby Sunshine Bayan Lepas now.

Either being served dry or with clear soup, you can have the noodle being made as thin細, thick粗 or hand tear手捏. I've ordered a Dry Pan Mee乾撈板面 with thin noodle and a bowl of Egg + Sweet Leaves Soup蛋和馬尼菜湯. The noodle that has been mixed with dark and light soy sauce is garnished with black fungus and minced pork meat. To add flavour to the noodle, they're serving 3 types of chili that is one in black, one in red and another is in green. I've no clue about the black paste, but it's definitely spicy while the red and green are with dried shrimps and cili padi respectively. I find the noodle to be quite sweet that I've squeezed in the lime instead of adding it to the chili paste. I feel that something is lacked of inside the noodle that I think it's the "saltiness" and I don't smell any nice aroma. The soup is not bad except that the egg yolk is a little over-cooked.

I've additionally taken the pictures from Su, Phui Yee and Elaine's orders that include the Crispy Pork炸肉, Mushroom Pan Mee蘑菇板面 with an Egg and the Pork Belly Pan Mee五花肉板面. The fried pork meat is sliced and being topped with a brownish sweet sauce and being garnished with white sesame and spring onions. I like definitely Phui Yee's noodle because it looks very appetising. Elaine's Pan Mee is served with the pork belly that has been boiled in the dark soy sauce and it looks alike the pork stew.

I'm not really impressed by the i mum mum Pan Mee as it's not really very delicious. But, it's still surprising to me that the shop is overwhelmed by customers during the lunch hour.

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