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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Homemade Italian with Prego

To help on adding articles to my blog, Su has allowed me to take pictures of her Homemade Bolognese Spaghetti. Bolognese is a meat-based sauce that is originating from Bologna, Italy. It's also being known as tomato-based sauce or red-based sauce for the tomato concentrate that is being used or sometimes, the red wine is being added to enhance the aroma.
The laziness is conquering and Su has decided to use the instant Prego pasta sauce that is easily available in any shopping malls. The Bolognese sauce is ready by adding in some chopped garlic and onions, sliced mushroom and minced beef. Topping the sauce onto your choice or noodle such as spaghetti, fettuccine  penne or macaroni, here is the bowl of Bolognese Pasta. Other than complaining that the spaghetti is not salty, the pasta is indeed quite delicious. I like the "just-nicely-cooked" noodle that is neither too soft nor too hard. Su has been patiently watching over the boiling water while Phui Yee has been a good tester to ensure that the noodle is achieving a balance of biteness.

For my own homemade recipe, I guess I'll use the pork instead of the beef because I'm not really fancy over the strong smell of the meat. Besides, I'll recommend to use the tomato concentrate together with some freshly diced tomatoes to increase the deliciousness of the sauce. Another small tip, you can add some Mexican Chili Powder to give a little spiciness to the sauce. Well, this is a recipe that I've learnt from my Boyfriend's Mama :)

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