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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Homemade Watermelon... Jelly

To fulfil my target for year 2013, my sex-i-tary has volunteered herself for an article with her 'Homemade Watermelon Jelly'. I'm indeed a little eager about what it will turn out to be because I doubt that she is able to cook or make something. It's shocking me at the moment I see the watermelon jelly by myself, it's alike a piece of art. She's definitely good, isn't she?!! It's too late that her Mom has kindly cut the watermelon into pieces that I'm unable to take a picture of its original shape. But, it's funny yet thankful to Su that she has worked so hard to "combine" the pieces into a whole watermelon.

How to make a beautiful watermelon jelly? Firstly, the "Aga-Agar" or the jelly is boiled slowly and the coconut milk is then added to mix properly. Secondly, they're poured into a round bowl to simulate as close as the shape of a watermelon. Followed by is to drop in some red colouring at the center of the white mixture of liquefied jelly and coconut milk and then do quickly stir them in slow pace to obtain a uniform mixture. Afterwards, the black Cincau or the grass jelly that has been cut into small pieces are then immediately scattered into the red mixture; these are the seeds of the watermelon. This bowl of the mixture is then put into the refrigerator for solidification. After the jelly has solidified, it's being taken out from the refrigerator and being flipped over onto a flat plate. This is the last step to colour the outer of the jelly into green that it's the green skin of the watermelon.
(Source from Wikipedia: Agar-agarCincau)

Gosh, it's a long procedure to make the watermelon jelly! It's tasty as it's not too sweet for me and I do like also the texture of the jelly that is not too soft. Meantime, I'm really appreciating Elaine's effort for preparing such a complicated dessert. Not to forget her Mom that has been helping as well. If you're interested to make the watermelon jelly by yourself, let me know and I shall obtain the correct grams of the ingredients for you :)

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