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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Mexican Has Landed in Penang! At Habanero

Lunch after back from Chinese New Year's Holiday, we've decided to try out the Habanero Mexican Dining that is located at 3rd floor of Queensbay Mall. It's definitely another surprise for me to see a new addition of food in Penang. Why is it Habanero? I've then learnt from Wikipedia that it means a variety of chili pepper that is then widely spread in Mexico. Here in this restaurant, you're not only getting the seasoning sauce that is made from green Habanero but also from the Picante, Chipotle and Cayenne that are red or purple in colour and they're all varied by the level of spiciness.
(Source from Wikipedia: Habanero)

How to start? Firstly, select your order of either Burrito, Taco or Bowl. Then, choose your choice of meat that ranges from Rollado Chicken, Parrilla Chicken, Camino Beef to Rebozado Fish or just be a Fajita Vegetable. Followed by is to add a Mexican Rice that is "cooked" with Cilantro Lime, Tomato Chili or Black Bean. Finally, garnish with some vegetables and sauces to make up a complete Mexican meal. Additionally, upgrade to set meal by adding the Nacho Chips that are served with Cheese or Salsa Dips and a drink.

I've ordered a bowl of Tomato Chili Rice with the Parilla Chicken. I like the rice as it's really appetising while the chicken meat is slightly "tasteless" as it's not up to my level of saltiness yet it's juicy. My favourite taste inside the bowl is indeed the Salsa or the sour-based mixture of tomato with onions. I've voted for Camino Beef instead of chicken as the beef has been boiled for long hours that it's not only juicy and tender but it has as well absorbed the sauce completely that the meat is very tasty. Su prefers for a longer hour of beef stew that the meat is softer but I find it to be just prefect. It's up to your tongue for decision! Mei Ling has ordered a Burrito, it's indeed very big!

I find the Mexican food to be quite tasty but it's neither very special nor very delicious that it has impressed me. Anyway, I'm happy that I've tasted a new food and to learn some information about it.

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