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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Jelly is in the Coconut

BBQ-ing on the 3rd night of Chinese New Year, Su has been so kind to prepare a dessert for us. A refreshing dessert during the hot days of after the "heaty" food, a cold coconut jelly is definitely a good thirst quencher.

Joez Coconut has aimed to be a well-known coconut products supplier in Penang. The coconut jelly is one of their famous product that is easily accepted by the customers. The coconut juice that has been extracted from the young coconut is then turned into the semi solid form of smooth jelly. Eating the jelly and drinking the coconut juice, the texture is made in the way that one can enjoy a glass of jelly drink. Finishing the jelly, you can then eat the coconut meat with a spoon. I indeed prefer that the jelly is more solid that I can feel its "biteness". Anyway, I do quite enjoy the coconut jelly except that it's a little too sweet for myself. Guess what, you can D.I.Y by pouring in some spoons of Martell liquor to enhance the aroma of the coconut jelly! Like it or not, try it out :)

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