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Monday, 29 October 2012

'Successor of the Dragon', it's Dragon-i 龍的傳人

Once I'm scolded for taking a picture inside Dragon-i 龍的傳人 that I've given up the idea to write an article about this restaurant. For my interest to try their specialties of Ramen拉面 and Meat Dumplings小籠包, Attila has fulfilled my wish by taking me here on our Saturday brunch. I dare not to take any pictures neither about the surrounding nor about the Terracotta Warriors anymore.

First dish as a starter is their famous Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumplings上海小笼包. The minced pork is wrapped inside the dumpling skin before being steamed. I like the juicy meat dumpling for the soup that is trapped inside the dumpling wrapper. The dumpling skin is not too thick either that I find the dish tasty. I prefer to couple the meat dumpling with sliced ginger for a little spiciness to add on the refreshing taste, what about you?

Next to follow is the La Mian with Shanghainese Deep-fried Pork Ribs上海炸排骨拉面. The La Mian is as well the specialty of Dragon-i whereby the noodle is hand-pulled by the Chef from Lanzhou兰州 with the imported flour from Canada. They provide 6 shapes of La Mian for customers' selection but only "Double Width" La Mian二细拉面 is available on the day. The Shanghainese Pork Ribs are fried in a non-greasy way that the meat is still tender and juicy inside the crunchy exterior. Attila likes the light taste of the soup that it's just perfect after a heavy alcoholic night. Oppositely, I find the taste to be too vegetarian. Anyway, the succulent La Mian does match the soup. On the other hand, the Pork Ribs taste alike to have been marinated with a type of fermented bean curd that the saltiness has been absorbed completely into the meat. We do quite enjoy the taste of the meat except that we find ourselves in diffulty to enjoy the ribs with chopsticks. We've then decided to order the Deep-fried Crispy Aroma Duck香酥脆皮鸭 and the Tossed Jelly Fish with Smoked Pig Shank燻蹄拌海蜇. The duck tastes a little dry yet it's still quite delicious with sufficient saltiness in the meat. The sauce is definitely not our preference as it tastes too sour. They're not the best for this cuisine as the duck meat matches neither the sauce nor the pancake skin. The succulent jelly fish is good to go with the vinegar as dipping sauce. I don't try the smoked pig shank as I dislike the thick fatty skin. Anyway, Attila likes it as it brings the memory of Mom's cooking.

Personally, Dragon-i 龍的傳人 is good in certain dishes but the taste is in over all not really satisfying. At least, the brunch doesn't trigger my eagerness to come back here again as a must.

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