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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Azuma, the Japanese

We've once banned Azuma Japanese Restaurant that is located inside Queensbay Mall for the quality of the food that is not worthwhile for money. I've no idea the motivation that we've had on the night, we've decided to visit the restaurant again. I guess we just want to prove if we've once made a wrong comment about this restaurant.

In the mood for Sushi, Attila and I've chosen their special roll whereby we've ordered the mixture of Una Cheese Maki and Salmon Tataki Maki. The sushi is rolled with vegetable, crab stick and fried egg sheet that is then being topped with Eel with cheese and smoked Salmon respectively. We like the sushi for the compactness of the rice that it doesn't fall off everywhere while picking it on the chopsticks. Furthermore, both the eel and the salmon meat taste delicious whether in its sweet Teriyaki sauce or just the ordinary smoking's smell.

We're quite unhappy that we don't get the fried or grilled tentacles as listed in the menu whereby they're claimed as 'out of order'. Thus, we've decided to go for the Beef Enoki Maki that is the sliced beef being rolled with golden mushroom and the assorted Tempura or the mixture of fried prawn and vegetable that is called Tempura Moriawase. Both of the dishes taste quite good but there's nothing that I'm really amazed of. I've indeed enjoyed the taste of the mushroom than the beef. On the other hand, I'm not fancy about the salty dipping sauce that I normally prefer to eat the Tempura with the mixture of wasabi and soy sauce instead. We've then decided to share the Gyu Kimuchi Ramen that is the noodle with beef in Kimchee soup. I like the spiciness of the Kimchee that it has indeed stimulated my appetite.

I still find the price to be too expensive that it's sort of over-charged as the food is not very delicious to worth for the amount. But, I'll still visit Azuma for their delicious sushi roll.

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