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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Jammin at Weld Quay

Jammin is located at 2nd Floor that is just on top of Via Pre by Weld Quay. The same owner of Via Pre is coming with a totally new and different experience that  here is a place for lounge, music, live band and they're concentrating in Al Fresco Dining or everything that is about 'Grill'. The Pork Free menu is indeed preparing this place for Malay customers as well. Stepping out from the elevator, the first glance is an amazing view of the spacious area that is equipped with big tables and comfortable sofas or chairs that you can gather for chit-chatting with fellow friends. Alternatively for couples that are looking for romance and silence among each other, you can sit down by the balcony and enjoying the sea view with the cooling wind.

We're recommended with their special of the day, the Burrata Platter. It consists of Via Pre homemade sausage, Parma Ham, Rocket Salad and Melon. The minced meat tastes a little dry yet I like the slight burnt of the grilled sausage that has created a slight crispiness at its outer skin. The saltiness of the sausage is just-to-taste that it's just delicious on its own without any additional sauce or seasoning. The gang has indeed enjoyed the combination of the Parma Ham with the Melon as the saltiness and the strong nutty taste of this special ham goes well with the sweetness of the melon fruit. Oh ya, the platter comes as well with a big round ball of Mozarella Cheese!

I've asked for myself the Aglio & Olio Tutto Mare or the mixed seafood spaghetti. The traditional Aglio & Olio spaghetti that is fried with garlic, chili flakes and olive oil is then being sauteed with mixed seafood such as prawn, scallop, squid and clam before serving. I've somehow felt a lost as this dish here is not added with a special fish delicacy that is called Bottarga. Furthermore, the seafood is not so fresh especially my favourite scallop that I'm suspecting maybe from canned food.

Ending with a sweet dessert from the limited menu during the night, I've taken the Profitteroles that are bignets filled with Chantilly and then covered with dark chocolate sauce. In short, the puffy pastries are sandwiched with fresh cream and poured with chocolate sauce on top before being decorated with grounded peanuts. I'm still wondering, will the dessert taste even more delicious if both the cream and the chocolate sauce are thicker?

If you're asking for my opinion, the perfect choice will be to order my food from Via Pre and then to enjoy it with leisurely pace at Jammin. I like the seafood and porky pasta from Via Pre but I prefer the cozy ambient at Jammin. Is it a difficult request? Ask the waiter for assistance ;)
Do follow Via Pre on facebook if you want to know more about the latest events at Jammin.

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