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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Feeling the Love at Love Bites

I come across a dessert type of special toast by Love Bites Fusion Cuisine that is located at Nagore Road from my friend. Out of my curiosity, the girls have decided to gather again for our eating trip. It's not difficult to find the restaurant as it's just on the right and you'll notice the red lighting of the signboard with its white background. Can you sense the romance and the artistic before entering?

We've decided to share the Vietnamese Spring Roll as the starter. The Vietnamese Rice Paper is wrapped with the Thai Basil, black fungus, cucumber, pickle papaya and shrimp and being served with the Vietnamese Hot Dips or the Thai sweet chili sauce. We love the freshness of the vegetable in the spring roll.

It's a non-Halal restaurant and I've decided to go for their Hot & Sexy Pork Ribs. The slowly braised pork ribs are grilled and rubbed with their secret tangy barbecue sauce that are then being served with the Pilaf Rice and the season salad. I like the tenderness and the juiciness that the meat just falls apart from the bone directly and melts in the mouth. The sauce tastes a little weird by itself yet it matches the ribs completely. To my surprise is the Pilaf Rice that is not only looking good with its heart shape yet it tastes delicious and the aroma is nice. The girls have decided to go for the Vietnamese Lamb and the Fusion Linguine Aglio-Olio. The lamb loin is coated with oriental spices and herbs and grilled to incredible flavour that is then being served together with Kampung Rice, season salad and honey mint yogurt. I'm totally impressed by the lamb as it doesn't have the disgusting smell that I've always hated and the honey mint yogurt tastes very refreshing whereby it's not only matching the saltiness of the lamb but also enhancing the tastiness of the dish. The Kampung Rice is indeed very special as it's fried with the blended shrimp with chili. This is a good combination of East with West. The Linguine is another surprise for me about the expertise of the chef whereby we're totally wrong about the dry noodle as it tastes just marvellous with the addition of the fried bacon and Serrano pepper especially being coupled with the refreshing taste of the Basil Pesto sauce on top of the Grilled King Prawn.

Not to forget our main purpose here that we've tried their Love Toast with strawberry flavour that is called Impression Of Love. The inner side of the bread that is cut and toasted into sticks are then stuffed inside the toast block together with some breadcrumbs before being decorated with the strawberry ice-cream, fresh strawberries, puree and being drizzled with white chocolate. This is a sweet temptation that will suit all berries lovers. Anyway, I'm not really fancy about the dessert as we're hardly able to finish the whole toast and especially the thick outer wall that doesn't taste sweet. Oh ya, please order 30minutes in advanced to allow for the preparation!

We're totally satisfied with the Fusion Cuisine here as the chef has prepared a table of delicious dishes for us. The portion of the food maybe slightly small for a big-eater but the deliciousness is definitely a worthwhile for the money.

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