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Monday, 25 April 2011

Ryoma龍馬 Japanese Restaurant

'You must visit Ryoma for their delicious Sashimi, must!'; My friends have always commented that Ryoma Japanese Restaurant龍馬日本料理 has the freshest Sashimi or the raw seafood in Penang. Sashimi or what is known in Mandarin words as 刺身 is favoured for its freshness, to go with the dipping sauce of Wasabi芥末 combined with soy sauce. The fresher the Sashimi is, the easier for it to melt in your mouth and the tastier of the Sashimi that you can feel.

Definitely, our first dish is the Sashimi Platter and it's served in a big wooden boat. Look at how juicy and fresh the Sashimi are! Our next favourite dish of mine is the Grilled Squid; a big squid that is served with a kind of butter sauce that tastes sweet and yet salty.

A must-to-have for my boyfriend is the Meat Dumpling or Gyoza whereby the prerequisite condition must be made of pork. I do quite like the Gyoza here except that the meat is a little too compact and I think it'll be great if the ingredient is juicier. Next to follow is the Pork Chop. My boyfriend puts a lot of compliments on the pork chop as it's rare to have pork fillet in Malaysia comparing to chicken or beef. Well, I still think that the pork chop is too dry and appears to be a bit hard. We've ordered then the signature dish of Mushroom wrapped in the Beef. I'm not a beef lover but I've indeed enjoyed the tender meat.

Only four of us but we've decided to go for additional dishes of Mix Tempura Platter and also the Fried Mushroom. I don't really fancy about the Tempura here as it's kind of ordinary as any that I've in other restaurants. Talking about the mushroom, I do enjoy the mixture of these various mushroom but I'm not so in love with the thick butter aroma in the sauce itself. It's somehow making me feeling full...

I'm not good in differentiating the grade of a good or bad Sashimi but I do really love the freshness that I've it here. The smooth texture that melts immediately in my mouth... This is what I'll call it as Sashimi.

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