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Monday, 18 April 2011

Pork Knuckle; Berlin's Bier Houz

Somewhere that I'm so addicted with the Pork Knuckle, the Berlin's Bier Houz at Straits Quay. It's a German & European Bistro and definitely not to be denied with their famous Pork Knuckle and German Weissbier. I'm in love with the crispy pork skin that you can hear the crunchiness moving in your mouth. The meat is in fact a little bit dry but somehow it's not too hard and we're more to be amazed by the crispy skin. I like Sauerkraut and I'm definitely enjoying the one here that appears to be drier and more refreshing.

To go with the Pork Knuckle, I've chosen the Weihenstephaner Weissbier Dunkel while my boyfriend is the fans for the Hefe Weissbier. I do prefer Weihenstephaner as the Weissbier itself is smoother and rich in taste.

This is somehow my current favourite for Pork Knuckle in Penang; the crunchiness... Yummy!

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