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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bangkok Tomyam in Malaysia

Bangkok Tomyam is a Malay Restaurant that is located nearby the Penang International Airport area and they're specialising in Thai cuisine. My boyfriend has recommended this restaurant to me as he's just too addicted to the Fried Beef and Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts here. My teeth are not too strong that I hate to taste the hardness of the meat but my boyfriend loves the chewiness of the beef and chicken in his mouth. Well, his term of fresh meat is somehow equivalent to the hardness of the meat.

Additionally, I've ordered a plate of Fried Squid with Petai. The fresh squid goes well with the Petai but I'll definitely enjoy more on the spiciness instead of the sweetness in this dish. I guess the chef has been putting in too much of Ajinomoto for seasoning?!!

I don't really fancy about the dishes here because they're making me feeling thirsty. In fact, the dishes taste very salty if you don't go with the rice. Anyway, this is a place that you can consider to have a sharing or gathering for Halal food.

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