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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Double Good Restaurant, What're they offering?

Double Good Restaurant好好冷气餐厅 is somewhere we’ve decided for our meet-up after the long working hour while preventing to trap ourselves in the traffic jams on Friday night. It’s a Chinese restaurant that serves variety of Oriental dishes while some appear to be a little Western though.
It’s always thankful to my friends whom will do the homework before our dinner; whereby we tend to direct to their famous dishes only. The first to come is the Fried Kai Lan炒芥兰. What is so special about this green vegetable? The Kai Lan is sliced thinly and then being fried till crisply, before it’s served with some crispy anchovies on top. I don’t really like the dish as the Kai Lan has been sliced to the extent that the frying is ‘killing’ the freshness of the vegetable. I think the normal frying Kai Lan with garlic appears to be more appealing. Next recommended is the New Zealand Cheese Mussels纽西兰海鸾. The sauce is not too greasy and the saltiness is just nice that we’re nearly to lick every single drops of the cheesy sauce inside the plate. I’ve to say that the sauce is more towards Oriental than the Western, but well… We like it ;)

Our next main course is the Indonesian Prawn in Claypot印尼虾煲; it's sort of a type of curry prawn. The curry looks delicious from its shining red color yet it doesn't taste very spicy. The herbs inside has created a nice aroma and smell that triggers my hunger. I think this curry is using dried shrimps paste and that gives the curry a little more saltiness that goes well with white rice. We've also asked for the Seafood in Claypot海味煲 with richly ingredients of sea cucumber, abalone slice, dried oyster and mushroom inside. The ingredients are cooked just nice on the wok, maintaining the freshness and juiciness. The sauce seems to be a little sticky as I think they've put in too much corn starch but luckily the saltiness is still just-to-taste.

A sweet ending to our meal, we're ordered the desserts of the day; Blended Peanut Paste花生糊, Iced Longan爱玉冰 and the Gui Ling Gao Jelly龟苓膏. Overall, the desserts taste normal as they're mainly prepared from the instant powder mix. My preference is always towards peanut but I'll be expecting stronger peanut aroma in the peanut paste.

Double Good is generally an Oriental Cuisine restaurant that can cater for big gathering. They do have some delicious dishes that are suitable for your meal of a day or to share it with your family and friends.

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