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Saturday, 2 October 2010

1-Day Eating Trip, Part III: Kimberly Street

$$$; talking about cost, we've decided our dinner to be the hawker food at Kimberly Street汕头街. Kimberly Street is located around the Komtar area and it's so merrier with various food stalls at night; somewhere that is suitable for your taste of the localities of Penang.

Our first orders go to the most famous Deep Fried Salted Fish Tofu and Belacan Fried Chicken. People will normally dislike tofu as it's tasteless but I guarantee that this stall will definitely change your mind. The tofu is so soft to melt in my mouth and leaving behind the saltiness of the salted fish. The tofu is very smooth and I do enjoy the little salty taste in the tasteless tofu. The Belacan Fried Chicken is somehow just normal to me; I think it's because the Belacan taste is not strong and it doesn't give any additional deliciousness or aroma to the fried chicken.

The next recommended dish is the 天皇鸡脚粿條汤 whereby we've ordered their famous dishes of Kuey Tiao Soup, Chicken Feet and Drumstick. This is not my favourite bowl of Kuey Tiao Soup as the chicken broth is not strong and sweet enough, however I still quite enjoy this clear soup though. The chicken feet and drumstick are cooked till the sweetness of the dark soy sauce is absorbed completely. They're boiled to a correct timing that the skin is smooth and the meat is juicy and tender; just nice to be bitten and swallowed through the throat. I love especially the delicious chicken feet that I myself have at least finished up half of the big plate.

Additionally, we've ordered the Fried Kuey Tiao to fill our hunger. However, it's too oily and without sufficient 'fire' of frying, the soy sauce is not absorbed into the flat noodle and it doesn't have the aroma.

For our drink menu, we've chosen the 四果汤; a dessert that consists of various ingredients such as red bean, longan and ginkgo in the sugary soup. It chills us up after the hot day of walking; but the price of RM2.20 per small bowl, don't you think that it's too expensive?

Sitting by the roadside for our dinner, yet this has been a perfect meal that brings us the utmost satisfaction to our taste and hunger.

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