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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant; Oh... Spicy Thai's Taste!

While we're wondering where to head for our dinner, we've decided to drop by Krystal Point. Randomly choosing, we've decided to try out the Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant好运泰式美食馆.

I've never noticed about this Thai restaurant even though I've passed by Krystal Point for so many times. I think partly is due to their dim lighting that has hidden up the signboard. The owner has been so passionate to introduce their menu and specialty when we stand in front of the restaurant.

Undeniable that we've chosen to start our dinner with the Tomyam Seafood Soup. The soup seems to be a little milky but it's so-to-taste with sufficient Tomyam paste. The chef has put in a lot of chopped cili padi that has created a premium spiciness to the soup. It's somehow a pity to my boyfriend whom keeps on sweating. I'll prefer if the soup can be more sour.

I've ordered next the Papaya Kerabu or it's called Som Tham in Thai language. It's the mixture of papaya slices with dried shrimps, peanuts, tomatoes, chili and sauces whereby it tastes sour and a bit spicy. The papaya has been too ripe that it has lost its crispiness. I think it'll be more perfect if the dish is replaced with green papaya. Next order to compensate the suffering on the spiciness of my boyfriend has, we've ordered the Fried Squid. I don't like this kind of frying method as the squid has been coated with a thick flour that has hindered the freshness of squid itself.

Well, we can't compare the deliciousness of Thai food in Malaysia to Thailand. Anyway, in overall, the Thai food here is not bad and there's a large variety that you can choose from the menu.


  1. wow your blog is awesome ! Next time before I go penang , surely I will check your blog for "revision" first ! haha...

  2. Thanks a lot... It's really encouraging! I'm just a beginner, really grateful for your comment ;)