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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Juru, your Destiny to Curry Fish Head

Are you a curry lover; a spicy lover? Then, you shouldn't miss to try the Curry Fish Head or what we call it as Kari Kepala Ikan in Malay or 咖哩鱼头 in Chinese; that is located at Juru.

Juru Curry Fish Head is famous for its spiciness and strong curry aroma. It’s a standard size that half of the curry fish head is served in a big metal plate whereby it’s enough for the portion of 3 to 4pax. Besides the big fish head, prawns or squids are also available for orders. It’s recommended to pre-order the menu in advanced to prevent out of stock on the particular day. This is because the owner does serve only limited numbers of fish head each day.

Our big plate of curry comes with the half fish head, prawns and squids, with some tomatoes and finger ladies. We’re surprised by the size of the big metal plate, but we’ve still able to finish the whole dish. Even though the size of the seafood is big, but the meat is not over-cooked that it’s still maintaining the freshness and tenderness. The curry sauce has been absorbed into the seafood completely and we can really smell the nice curry aroma upon serving. The first spoon, everyone starts to praise the spiciness; the second spoon, everyone starts to sweat… One specialty of the curry here is the bitterness at the end of the tongue that has balanced up the oiliness. I like the curry here as it’s not too milky or oily and the curry paste smells very nice that it has stimulated my hunger and appetite. Personally, I’ll ask for it to be spicier. To my colleagues, they think that this curry is more suitable to go with eggplants while some feel that it’s moderately delicious… To me, it has its own standard whereby it’s somehow one of the nice curry fish head that I can find at northern Malaysia.

If you’re hunting for a spicy curry fish head, it’s a must for you to pass by Juru Curry Fish Head for a meal. A simple curry with white rice, yet it has brought out a great satisfaction to my appetite.

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