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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Zi Wei Yuan; Charcoal Fish & Yam Steamboat

If talking about steamboat, my vote will definitely goes to Zi Wei Yuan紫薇园 at Raja Uda, Butterworth. Their steamboat is the most famous Charcoal Fish and Yam Steamboat碳炉芋头鱼火锅.

The owner is still insisting on using charcoal for their steamboat. As its name 碳炉芋头鱼火锅, the main ingredients for the steamboat are the yam and the fish besides the seaweed and fried tofu sheets. The soup here is more 'milky' but the taste is very sweet and refreshing that we can't stop it spoon by spoon. The longer that you're with your steamboat, the sweeter that you can find the soup is. I'm seriously still wondering on the secret of this tasty soup as it's sour from the plum, a little salty from the dried fish but where comes the sweetness and milkiness?

They serve various ingredients here that you can choose to go with your steamboat, for instance mushrooms, vegetable, meat balls, fish balls or even fresh seafood like prawn mantis and prawns. To start on the steamboat, you can choose either the fried fish or the fresh fish. This is much depending on your preference. I personally prefer the fresh fish as it won't make the soup to be too oily after our long hours on the steamboat. They do have a good service that you can ask to add on the soup from time to time. By the way, don't forget to dip your steamboat with the chili sauce here. I think they've added some lime or lemon juice that creates sourness that refreshes and opens up our appetite.
Don't miss out to try the 油炸糕 by the roadside opposite the steamboat. It is a type of snack that is made from mainly flour and being fried till golden crispy. It can be as normal as plain flour, to be coated with sesame or to be filled with red bean paste. I like the 油炸糕 here as it's crispy and it doesn't have the bad aroma of ammonia (it's being used to enhance the crispiness) that other stalls used to have.

I've been the customer for Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat since 5years ago and this is still the best steamboat restaurant that I'll revisit again and again...

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